Why I Chose to Share My Debt Journey Publicly

Just by telling my story, I can paint a vivid picture of what it looks like on the other side of taking out student loans. It's wonderful when you're in school and going through the process. You are receiving money, you are receiving an education and you are not thinking about how it is going to affect you later down the road.

Of course, it would have been a lot easier for me to just pay off my debt, not share it with anyone, and do a quick debt free call. But I assumed that there were others out there that were in similar situations as myself and I wanted to give back to others and show them that it was possible for them to get themselves out of that situation as well.

Another reason that I chose to share my journey was and still is because I wanted to prevent as many people as possible from making the same mistakes as I had made. I believe that if someone would have been able to help me or if I was able to educate myself more before getting into this situation that I would have chosen a smarter route for myself.

I can look back now and know that I would not have taken out as many student loans if any at all, because I didn't need to. I would have looked for alternative ways to pay for my education seeing how I was employed during college, I could have managed to go to school, while not racking up the debt that I did.

If you get on YouTube, you can see there are a ton of people out there that are going through the pains and the struggles of attempting to figure out how to pay off this massive amount of debt that they have acquired. I can guarantee that a lot of those same people if they could go back in time, would have done things differently during their college years. They would have picked up more hours, worked summers, worked weekends, found more scholarships and grants. But, like me, they weren't educated on other options either and I wanted to prevent others from following in the footsteps of myself and many others in this world.

The first thing that I had to do when I started my journey was learning how to forgive myself for the bad decisions that I made of taking on so much debt and you have to do the same for yourself.

After that, you just have to realize where your money is going and begin to really get organized on each dime to your name. Start by looking at your bank statements and itemizing each dollar that you earn each month and then itemizing each dollar that you are spending in the same month. I know this way eye-opening to me to really understand what was going on with my money. I understood that if I didn't have a plan if I wasn't controlling where it was going, it was just going to go, and it was going to be gone quicker than I got it. Being stuck in the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck is a horrible feeling.

There is no feeling of ultimate freedom as the freedom of being debt free and I want to help all of you find this ultimate freedom.

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