What is stopping you from being successful?

There are many different things that could prevent you from being as successful as you would like and the first one is forgiving yourself. You have to learn how to forgive yourself to move away from the past decisions that may have stopped you from being where you thought you should be in life.

I struggled for numerous years to pay off my debt. During this time, I was very hard on myself and continued to beat myself up regarding how I got into this situation. I allowed the negative talk to enter my mind asking myself, “how could you be so stupid?”, “How did you let yourself get into this situation?”, “You are so stupid…” But once I forgave myself and owned up to the mistakes I had made, I learned from them and I moved on rather than dwelling on the what if’s.

Forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made and start with a fresh new perspective.

The number two preventer is comparing yourself to others. Trust me when I say that this is something each and every one of us struggles with. Especially when we are growing up in the social media age. It is so easy for people to share the highlight reel of what is going on in their life and you aren’t seeing the hard days, the struggles and the pain that is truly there. It’s easy to share anything on social media and we can easily get caught up in the lie of what you are looking at. You can find yourself questioning where you are in your career, your friendships, relationships and life in general.

A rule that I have placed in my own life is, only comparing myself to myself. I am the only person I compare myself to and what I can do each day and what I can do to improve myself further than I was the day before last.

The number three preventer is a large one for me and quite often, people overlook it. We tend to get busy in our lives and the older we become we become less focused on this. But we should always keep a fire burning inside of us to take care of our bodies, physically and mentally. You have to make sure that you are putting good stuff into your body, whether it is nutrition or whether it is good information. If you are around a lot of negative energy, mentally that can affect the content that you are putting into your body. Part of my morning routine is starting the day out by putting something positive into my mind. I don’t like to wake up and see something negative to start my day off because in turn, it will really affect my entire day. I challenge you for the next 7 days to take time to wake up and start your day off with something positive and see how much better or how different your day is.

The other part of this is the physical side, making sure you are working out and eating healthy. I know when I first made this transformation, it was difficult to give up the junk food and stay away from the temptations of it. Sure, while eating it I am happy, but I know within a few hours or the next day, I felt like crap. I now understand that I need to make better decisions with putting good stuff into my body, for this will fuel me and allow me to be clear mentally and allow me to perform better physically because it all starts with how we take care of ourselves.

The fourth thing that I have seen that has prevented people from being successful is not surrounding yourself with the right people. I had to in some instances cut certain people out of my life who I thought were friends or who I thought were supportive because these people were not aligned with my morals, goals and my vision of where I wanted to be. It goes back to what I discussed before regarding the negative energy. If you do not surround yourself with the people that are supporting your goals, it can be very draining. Just as I did with my debt, I had to surround myself with the people that I knew were going to support me. I joined a lot of groups, I started my own YouTube channel and built a community so that I could communicate with those going through a similar journey as I was. I needed that support and that accountability.

Now that I am an entrepreneur, I’m putting myself around people that are doing the same thing. Some may be below or higher than me and some may be on the exact same level. But, we are all on the same mission in the entrepreneur journey and getting our businesses off the ground, getting our messages out and putting the value you out there for people just like you to be a part of. Always make sure that you are encouraging and supporting people and that you are placing yourself around those that will do the same for you.

The fifth preventer is something that I had to struggle with professionally in my corporate job and even now as an entrepreneur and that is not asking for help. If you are not asking for help, you are definitely slowing yourself down. I catch myself often getting into the mindset of, “I’ve been doing this for so long and I can do it better. No one can do it better. I do not want to manage people or train anyone else for something I can do.” Yet, I’ve learned, if you would like to grow and to continue progression through life, you have to learn how to ask for help. I understand that it may feel like you can get a lot of things accomplished by yourself, but if you want to scale and reach your goals of being successful, you need to understand when to ask for help and then ask for it.

The sixth belief I have that prevents success is remembering there is a fine line between studying successful people and idolizing successful people. There are a ton of successful people that you can model after, that you can look up to and see what they have done in the life in order to get to that level. But do not idolize them, do not put them on a pedestal to think, “I can never get to the level they are on. I can never be there.” Study them, look at what they have done, but look at the blueprint they have created. There are steps, challenges, and lessons that they have done or learned that you can take to help you get there one day.

The seventh preventer that I personally struggle with is perfectionism. Some of the last minute, winged content that I have produced is some of my most successful content as opposed to me putting in a bunch of time planning. It’s easy to get caught up in the struggle of wanting to make everything perfect, but my recommendation to all of you is to just start whatever it is that you are wanting to start. Do not let perfectionism stop you from getting your message out and starting to achieve your goals.

The last preventer is the failure to keep it simple. This one is another area that I personally have struggled with that has hindered me from some of my success by overcomplicating things that do not need to be overcomplicated. As a digital marketer, I do a lot of work behind the scenes putting the technical pieces together. I have to ask myself time and time again, “what is the simplest way to get this project completed without complicating it?” The same thing happened to me as I was getting a thing in order to begin the process of paying off my debt. I created a massive spreadsheet with all of these calculations of how to do it and different paths I could take to achieve it and finally it hit me that I just needed to keep this simple and just start. Once I did this, I started seeing the progress of paying off my debt.

Is there anything else you’d add to this list? I welcome feedback!

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