The Number One Reason Why Most People Lose

How many times have you classified yourself as a loser? Not that you necessarily are a loser, but you haven't classified yourself as a winner?

How many of you know that in order to start winning you have to view yourself as a winner?

You have to start by changing the way you see yourself and this goes for anything. If you want to increase your net worth and make more money, you have to realize your worth and what value you bring to the marketplace. If you do not think highly of yourself, if you don't think you are worth a certain amount, then you won't make a certain amount.

I recently saw a post back from my home state, Arkansas, that this hospital there had raised the minimum wage to $14/hour and someone wrote a comment about how $14 an hour isn't enough to take care of a family and you need to spend a lot of money, go to college and get an education. I agree that $14/hour is not enough to raise a family in today's times, but I do not agree that you have to invest thousands of dollars in order to be worth a certain amount.

For those in that situation, I believe that once they recognize and appreciate the fact that they are worth more, the money will come.

For me personally, once I realized my worth of what I brought to the marketplace and began charging that, I started attracting the right people toward me for paying me for what I am worth. I know as I continue to learn and provide to the marketplace, my worth will continue to go up. I will not negotiate or change my prices for an amount that I do not believe I am worth. If a client doesn't see my worth, I just tell them we aren't a good fit. I've learned to keep this transparency about me because I do not want to go into a working relationship with someone that I know can't afford me. The price they would pay for my work would be a burden on them.

Knowing your self-worth is crucial to being able to accomplish great things. You can't live in a state of mind viewing yourself as merely average. You have to sit down and recognize your talents, what makes you great and you have to believe that you are a winner that deserves success.

A lot of people come to me and ask, “how do I get more money?” I always ask them to tell me how they have increased their value. You should be consistently doing everything you can to increase your value. If you've been in a job for a year and you have not grown at all, you are exactly the same a year later from the day you started., I do not think your value or your worth has increased.

Today, start assessing your relationships in your life. This could be your working relationships or even with your significant other, if you are in a relationship where people do not value you, do not let these people treat you poorly. Do not allow these people to treat you based on what they feel you're worth, stand up today for what you think you are worth.

I am still striving to increase my value in the marketplace a year and a half later because ultimately, I have set goals and I know my worth.

If you are reading this, I encourage each of you to make today the day where you finally realize how great you truly are, realize your worth, the talents and realize what you bring to the marketplace. Put in the work to go get what you are worth. If you recognize you have not done what you could be doing to increase your worth, go start doing that today!

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