My Morning Routine – Routines of Highly Productive People

My Morning Routine – Routines of Highly Productive People

<p>Mornings can be a drag most days, followed by constant panic if you miss your alarm clock. Just this morning my partner was in a panic because she overslept and this threw off her whole morning. I get it, from time to time this will happen even if you don't have a plan. Having a  morning routine will cause this to happen less frequently.</p><p>About a year ago one of my mentors introduced me to his morning routine. Like everything he advises me on I listen. He is a high producing millionaire and coach to other millionaires and has been around several billionaires. So when he gives advice I listen. I asked him one day how do you get some much done in a day. I was blown away by his simple response, a morning routine. Is there a fit all morning routine that works for everyone? With everything like paying off debt or trying to lose weight. I believe you can learn from others to get a foundation on where to start but tailor it to fit you.</p><h1>Routine Habits Anyone Can Apply</h1><h2>1. Get your Day Started Early</h2><p>For most the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term waking up early is doubt. I'm a night person, I can't function in the mornings, etc… I get it I use to be the same way until I gave up my excuses and gave it a try. What I discovered by getting up around 4:30 AM every morning, during this time I was able to get a lot accomplished before most people started their days. Not to mention its extremely quiet during this time and no distractions.</p><h2>2.Leave the Electronics off.</h2><p>Looking at your phone first thing in the morning can cause you to be extremely reactive. You get lost on Facebook, or binge-watching on youtube. You may get an email from work that you think you need to respond to right away. Trust me to leave the phone off. You want to protect your time in the morning and use it to plan your day out.</p><h2>3. Drink Water First Thing</h2><p>The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is rinsing my mouth and then I go straight to the kitchen and drink two glasses of water. We as humans are extremely hydrated when we wake up in the mornings. Getting water in your system gets the body going.</p><h2>4. Meditation and Reflection</h2><p>Like I mentioned earlier it is extremely quiet in the morning, so take advantage of this and get a few minutes of meditation in before you start to plan out your day.</p><h2>5. Plan out your Day.</h2><p>I usually review my calendar during this time and I begin to plan out my day. I keep this process simple I write down my top 3 things I want to accomplish in the day. From there I take note of any meetings I have scheduled for the day. I typically don't take on any last day of meetings if it is not planned at least 24 hours in advance. Its very important that I protect my time and last minute meetings can derail my whole day at times. From here I write down any to do tasks I need to accomplish during the day.</p><h2>6. Writing</h2><p>I like to write in the mornings whether it's me just journaling or writing a blog post like this one. I like to take 15 -2o minutes to write in the morning.</p><h2>7. Movement</h2><p>Its very important I move in the morning and get some type of exercise in to start my day. Most days for me it is an intense weightlifting session. Days where I'm resting from the gym, I get in a quick run or just walk a few laps around my neighborhood in the morning. From here I typically get some food in my body and get my days started.</p><h1>Creating your Morning Routine</h1><p>Mornings don't have to be chaotic. By implementing a few the items I mentioned above you can start your days out with a plan. By having a plan you are setting yourself up to not only be productive but to succeed. If it seems overwhelming to implement all of these at one introduce a new one every few days or once a week. To get a full checklist of my morning routine <a draggable=”false” href=””>click here</a> to download.  </p>

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