How I Made Money Online to Pay Off Debt

How I Made Money Online to Pay Off Debt

Offer My Skills and Professional Services We all have skills and services that others are searching for in order to grow their business or to be able to delegate this to someone else so they can concentrate on other areas of their businesses. This isn’t essentially college taught skills, this could be simple skills of the organization of calendars, managing important emails, scheduling calls, and booking travel arrangements. There are a variety of other opportunities out there on Upwork if you will search under the different tabs, you’d be surprised looking through how many ideas that you’ll see that you could possibly apply for and start yourself into freelancing.  Consulting OthersAfter a while working with other businesses, I began to see a trend of where businesses were stressed and what I could do to help them progress their procedures and processes. I continually review a lot of the new and latest trends with marketing and programs so that I can advise the best platform or strategy for my clients and the businesses that they currently operate. It does take a continuous education of the platforms and systems, they change quickly, but a simple search for whatever platform or marketing strategy you are looking for will give you instant results via google or even YouTube to walk you through these systems to give you a clear understanding of their purpose and how it relates to your clients.  Affiliate MarketingThere are numerous affiliate marketing possibilities on the market today. From Amazon Affiliate to ClickFunnels, there is something for everyone out there. If there is a product you use and you find yourself recommending it often to your clients or even friends, reach out to the company and see if this is a possibility for you to become an affiliate of their product or service. Some of the higher end corporations want to see what you can generate for them across your social media platform and others just will sign you up, giving you an affiliate link and dashboard to track your referral commission online. CryptocurrencyThere is a lot of internet hype on Cryptocurrency these days and to be honest, there are a lot of scams and bad product managing of this as well. You have to do a lot of examination as to what the best options are for you and your finances of where you want to invest your money. I’d recommend searching through google and finding articles by Forbes or Huffington Post contributors that would let you see what they are using and start researching each individual one to find the best bet for you and your desired outcome. These are just a few of the ways I have learned to diversify my income. I have realized that the diversification of income is essential as a freelancer, for you always want to have one back up when one drops off a little. Some things I’m developing for my future is starting an online course in order to educate people on the skills that I have, that have landed me high-level executive entrepreneurs, a podcast and also will soon be looking into some real estate investing for even more residual income.

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I specialize in helping people buried in debt create a plan and implement the same strategies I used to pay of nearly $80,000 of debt in less than a year.

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