How to Focus on One Thing a Day

I'm unsure how many of you all have a routine that you do daily, but how many times have you found yourself creating a to-do list of all of these things that you want to get accomplished each day? How many of you feel as if you get to the end of the day and see that not a whole lot of your list is checked off or find that none of it was checked off at all? All of the sudden, the list of things-to-do has become a list of things that didn't get accomplished.

I understand your intentions were good, but something happened during that day and multiple things prevented you from getting anything done. I've been there!

I started to reevaluate my lists that I was creating and found a better solution to the whole to-do list routine and I wanted to share it with all of you.

I have had to tell myself, “let me just focus on getting one thing done a day to move the ball forward.” I spend my time looking at the bigger things that I want to get done. If I get that one thing done a day that is on my list, I consider that day a success. If I get it done, there is even more time in my day to then accomplish the other smaller tasks that I had written out. Yet, by doing it this way, I do not consider myself a failure if I can't tackle the other tasks.

This has been helpful for me because I began coming up with more and more ideas and it's been creating more things for me to get done each day and then it has turned into nothing getting done at all. Some of the projects were beginning to take up months and months of my time just writing down I that I would possibly get them done and I found myself so overwhelmed, putting a lot of pressure on myself, but when I narrow it down to the one major thing to put my focus on, it's been really helpful.

By all means, I'm not saying you cannot do more, but I am saying, try this method out this next week, write down that one important thing you want to get done a day that you if completed would make your day feel like a success. It could be a healthy meal, going to the gym, going for a walk – anything at all that you want to accomplish that day. You can them progress this goal as you move forward.

When I was paying off my debt, me focusing on one debt at a time really helped me to progress forward because I was able to lock in on that one particular debt rather than being all over the place. I was able to put all of my effort toward the one debt, clear that one out of the way and then move to the next one. Things were a lot easier once I looked at the success of the one debt that I had just knocked out.

I have taken this same principle in my life and in my business to where I have the one important thing that I want to get done a day and I do just that. Things are getting a lot easier now because while I may not be getting as much done a day as I want to get done, I'm still making progress and quite frankly, a lot more progress than me just writing down a bunch of great ideas and not understanding why I'm not getting anything done.

What is a helpful tip that you can share that has helped you be more productive?

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