How Do High-Achievers Get More Done?

How Do High-Achievers Get More Done?

How do high-achievers get more done in a day and how you too can start getting more done.

One thing I've done over the years is study high-achievers, their habits and their routines that have made them successful. I evaluate what they have done or are currently doing so that I can manipulate it, add my own twist and apply it to my life in order for me to get to the level that I desire to be on. I've learned that there is no use in trying to re-create a process that has worked for many others, over and over again, to achieve certain levels of success.

The main thing that I have seen from these high-achievers is that they all have a routine and are consistent and this is something that you can start doing at whatever level you are currently at. It doesn't matter if you are a janitor, a waitress, a car salesman or a school teacher, if you develop the habits of being the best you can be at the job you have, outworking the rest, coming in every day and giving 200 percent people will begin to notice your level of commitment to your job. What I've noticed from these high-achievers, if they spend their time on it, you can guarantee they are showing up and giving it their all.

For example, these podcasts and videos you see from me, these may not be the greatest, but they aren't the worst either. But every time I show up, I am bringing all of you the best and I will be providing a lot of value. I may not be the best at editing, it may not be the best shot, but I am doing the best with the abilities that I do have. I also know at some point that there may strengths outside of the scope of what I'm able to do and I'm prepared to hire someone that shows up stronger in this specific area.

I know my strength is the technical side for my clients. Building a website, building funnels, automation, integrations, all of these things I really am strong with and I know this is why my clients hire me. This is also why I am able to charge a premium price because they know I'm going to show up and I'm always going to be giving them 200 percent.

You may be saying, “man, this is so simple….”, but a lot of people forget this one “simple” thing that you can do of developing a habit of showing up and being the best in the job you have. It doesn't matter where you are currently, look at where you want to be in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years and start to apply this habit today to start paving your path of getting you there. This skill alone is going to carry you a long way if applied to your daily routine.

A while back I created a document where I went over my morning routine, you can see it HERE and see what I'm doing every day in order to be the best Lewis I can be every single day.

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