How Bad Do You Want to Change Your Life?

Do you want to make a change in your life? If so, how bad do you want to change that situation? In order to make a change, you really have to evaluate everything that is going on in your life.

If there is some situation you are wanting to change or changing just how you are showing up in life, one of the first things you must do is evaluate who you are hanging around. You have to ask yourself, ?are these people feeding into what I want to accomplish in life or are they just taking away from me?? If there are certain habits that you are struggling with and you are finding yourself surrounded by those people that are either encouraging it or not supporting your decision to change your path, then you must respect yourself enough to remove these people from your life. Set your mindset on where you want to go and then find people that are on the same path that will help hold you accountable and support you.

Another thing is changing the conversations you have with others and with yourself. If you are constantly putting yourself down and find yourself consumed by negativity, you have to shift your mindset to build yourself up. To reflect on the positive things about yourself, your talents, skills and all of the other great things about yourself that you admire. If you find yourself having negative conversations in the workplace, change the narrative of the type of conversations you have and change what is being put out into the universe. If you are constantly putting out negativity, it will drain you. Choose to pour positivity, enlightening and motivating information in everything you say and do. You will find that you will help not only yourself but others around you, which in turn helps you as well.

Also, take the time to look at your social media feed. What do you typically write on your wall? Is it motivating for your readers or will it cause strife?If you find yourself polluting your wall with negativity and nitpicky posts,change that today. Attract the people that you want in your circle by providingvalue to them through what you write.

The last thing I?d recommend evaluating is changing how you think aboutsuccess. Going into the new year, we are all setting goals and resolutions, soif you have a mindset that is a little muddy on how you view success, you aregoing to have to change that.

Personally, for me, once I created the goal as to becoming debt free, I alsoset it as I wanted to become debt free by that year. I defined success to myselfas becoming debt free and starting off 2018 without that stress in my life. Ofcourse, there were small goals and things that I built up and refined duringthis process, but it wasn?t a downer in my life. Sometimes I didn?t meet thesmall goal, but I kept my focus on the main goal of being debt free.

Remember, you cannot keep doing the same thing over and over again andexpecting things to change for you. Get started today on redefining your ideaof what success looks like and set goals that line up with that.

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